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Love & Art in a Card

I LOVE sending and receiving meaningful messages on cards with images that resonate with my thoughts and emotions about someone. We have so many special individuals in our lives to share uplifting messages with or milestones to acknowledge. When I started this photography and art journey, I knew I wanted to create art cards that could resonate with others in the same way, while showcasing and celebrating our Fraser Valley landscapes and dynamic macros of my garden finds. 

Some cards will stay long-term, others will be short-term showcases, and seasons will be featured. Corporate co-branding available - please email with inquiries. 

My art cards and/or book marks can be viewed & purchased at these retail stores:


Pick Eco Refills

Chilliwack Museum 

GP Home Furniture

The Book Man

Minter Country Garden 

District 1881 - Homemade Community Shoppe (Coming June 21-August 17!)


The Book Man


Agassiz-Harrison Museum & Visitor Information Centre 

Bear Creek Collective

Harrison Hot Springs: 

The Blue Dandelion

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