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Sternum tattoo with lace embellishment
Sternum tattoo and pearls
Shoulder tattoo
Tribal arm tattoo
Collection of face and upper body tattoo work
Collection of face and upper body tattoo work
Collection of neck and shoulder tattoo work
Shoulder tattoo
Back tattoo
Back tattoo work to celebrate motherhood
Side profile with back tattoo
Upper arm tattoo
Forearm tattoo
Portrait with dual sleeves

Highlights of my 

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Ink & Art Collection - Mural Festival (Summer, 2023)

I am building a portfolio of tattoo photography. I see dedicated ink as an art form or mural on the body. The deeper meaning implants in the soul, and whenever possible, I aim to connect the two through a photograph and brief story telling. In combination with the personal meaning, a story of the art connects the reader deeper. I am hopeful to curate these images and stories into a shared experience of dedicated ink and the community it creates.

My intentionality here is to build enough interest for festival goers at the 2023 Chilliwack Mural Festival to consider joining me in a brief portrait session. Art is a shared language of interpretation and appreciation, so mural festival goers have the opportunity to share their ink story while receiving a high-resolution, edited portraiture/image of their tattoo, for a small cost. A collection of the images and stories will be curated as a showcase for the love of art (body mural style) with and for the Chilliwack Mural Festival. 

Stay tuned for many for beautiful images of ink!

* Mariel

* Jason

* Cass

* Margaret

* Erin

* Stella

Landscapes at Just Peachy Sugaring Salon

(April, 2023)

JPSS asked me back to be their featured artist for the month of April! I was thrilled to be asked and excited to showcase my local Fraser Valley landscape images for the first time in a collection of 6 framed prints & 1 canvas.

Portraits & Full Body - Classic Headshots & Fine Art Nudes (January, 2023)

My creative journey newsletter #04 (released January 30) describes it all! Just connect over to my main gallery page, scroll to the bottom, and join my "Follow Along with Me!" newsletter. I'll send it along to any new followers. Cheers!

Garden collection - Just Peachy Sugaring Salon

(December, 2022)

6 framed (11"x14") prints on premium lustre paper (8"x10") of garden macros.

I am captivated by the fine detail in flowers, ferns, leaves and trees. I want to share this detail in black and white so that your eye can relax and be drawn into the unique and subtle aspects of nature's creations. My garden is my oasis. I am rewarded by my tending to it, with endless photographic moments in our Fraser Valley seasons. The 6 prints were taken in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each one is glorious on its own, in a pair, or perhaps as a feature on your wall with all 6.


My plan is to continue to build my macro garden portfolio and to showcase my favourite 6 images each year in approximately June with an open collection for home and office purchase. 

Local bridges collection - GP Home Furniture

(July, 2022) **Update (June, 2023): 4 of 5 prints SOLD! Large Canvases SOLD!

5 framed prints on metallic paper at 20" x 26" of bridges in Chilliwack, Agassiz-Rosedale, Hope, & Mission. 

My photography primarily features black-and-white - tonal contrasts of light and shadow. My eye is drawn to sequences, repeating lines and angles and it soothes my creative desire to make it cathedral in perspective. The substructure and foundation of a bridge permits the merger of these visual imperatives. From there, my process is to show you a portioned perspective of these grand engineering feats traversing expansive waterways and geographic terrain.


From my eye and camera lens, this is ‘functional architecture as art.’ I showcase local bridges from angles not routinely seen, as I capture them from underneath where looking up evokes awe and demonstrates ingenuity, labour and how I see metal, concrete and wood together as a master craft in art form.

View in person &/or purchase from elsewhere:

A select choice of prints/canvases can be found at:

GP Home Furniture at 44680 Yale Rd W, Chilliwack

Cornerstone Framing & Gallery at 9369 Mill St, Chilliwack

Bear Creek Collective at 7092 Pioneer Ave, Agassiz

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Portrait with sleeve tattoo
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